I found my Life through My Painting....

I am a creative artist and a nature lover. Thats the reason, most of my Oil Paintings have Nature as a Core theme. Drawing was a hobby and a passion for me from my childhood days. I use to love drawing through Sketch Pencils and use to put my imagination on a piece of paper. Out of my passion, I learnt drawing for almost 6 years and got my training on Water Colour and Oil Paintings. 

I did my Masters in Environmental Sciences way back in 2005. Hence most of my Oil Paintings turns out to have theme of Mother Nature and it's inhabitants. 

Here in this website, some of my digital paintings are done in my mobile phone, a few through Microsoft Paint Software with the help of a Mouse and others in Paper and Canvas. Enjoy the Website and Please Do not Forget to Put your comments. Your Views matters. Many Thanks...  Mainak Majumdar