Artwork in the form of Oil Painting, Sketches are considered as All Final Sales. 

This is due to several factors:

1.    These Oil Paintings, Sketches (uploaded in the website ) and any form of Art Work s (uploaded in the website are delicate and any poor handling by the client may damage the original condition of the painting and art work. 

2.    Often it is seen that important Oil Paintings, Sketches and Art Works are reserved for the Client who booked it. Returning after the stipulated time of 5 Days will miss many Art/ Painting Lovers who would have expressed interest in the same. 

Return Policy:

Only when there is breaking or damage to the Paintings/Drawings during the transit, the same may be returned by the client through Post/Courier within 5 days of receiving the Painting, mentioning the same in the email. After the stipulated time of 5 days of receiving the Painting by the Client, the same painting is considered to be sold. 

Regarding Buying Paintings, please fill up the Contact Form with the Name of the Oil/Sketch Painting with your details. Once we receive your co-ordinates, we will contact you.