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'Magical Garden' - Oil Painting

Updated: Jan 15

From my childhood days, I use to imagine a ‘Magical Garden’. Trees which will have all colour leaves, a green river, green grass amidst yellow and white colour flowers. I am sure many of you who is viewing this Oil Painting, had similar dreams. Mother Nature has always influenced everyone through its serene and immaculate beauty. Right from the birth of human species, Mother Nature have been given food, shelter and medicines.

This Oil Painting is a dedication to that Holy Spirit of Mother Nature, who have always stood beside us in times of our need. This Oil Painting shows a fantasy world where Trees give rise to different types of leaves of various colours. The green river shines during the day with yellow and white flowers dancing in the breeze. The green trees and the colourful leaves show the beautiful aura of mother Nature. It’s like the colours of an rainbow illuminating themselves from the Golden Rays of the Sun so as to add its luminescence in this magical atmosphere.

This oil painting took days to make, the reason being I wanted to paint Mother Nature through my own imagination. Mother Nature had always fascinated human souls through ages and this painting is all about an imagination of mother Nature through oil painting colours. The green colour trees, the green waters of rivers, colourful leaves, the long green grass, the brown meadows all adds to the imagination of a serene atmosphere. As the morning light illuminates the flowers, it resonates it's fragrance amongst the valleys and meadows. The choice of colours automatically came from my own thoughts.

The painting was named as 'Magical Garden'. The painting cost is Rs 23,000/- INR inclusive of packaging cost in India. For Foreign Nationals with address, the painting cost US $ 341.

This Oil Painting is my Imagination and took days to make. I hope you may have liked the Oil Painting. The Painting is Open for Sale. Interests for buying this painting can be sent through the ‘Contact Form’.

Painter : Mainak Majumdar

Website: https://www.artisticcrayons.com/


Email: artisticcrayons3@gmail.com

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