• Mainak Majumdar

The Boat

In Olden Times, people use to travel to far away places through seas and oceans. With no compass or modern equipments, it was difficult for boat riders to see the land. It was like travelling into the unknown; knowing fully well the uncertainty associated. The sketch from my own imagination is about a journey of various characters to a distant land. This drawing have riders like a trader, a soldier, a preacher, a person who had committed sin, a young boy and a boatman, all searching for land and trying to look across the cloudy skies to find a habitat amidst the waters.

This Sketch is my Imagination and took hours to make. I hope you may have liked the Sketch Painting. The Framed Painting is Open for Sale and cost in Indian Rupees is Rs 4500 ( Inclusive of Packing Cost in Address in India). Interests for buying this painting can be sent through the ‘Contact Form’.

Painter : Mainak Majumdar

Website: https://www.artisticcrayons.com/


Email: artisticcrayons3@gmail.com

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