• Mainak Majumdar

The Market Place

The above Pencil sketch of mine is an inspiration from the market place during the 13th and 14th centuries, when people use to go to the market to buy products. The charm of a physical buying in an area where you have sellable items kept all along one's way, like cloths, earthen pots, jars, rice bags etc are things, which I have tried to depict from my imagination.

Market Place has always taken a special area in my heart for its enchanting environment with goods from various nations, traditions, which use to showcase sellable commodities for people to buy. The joy of even seeing those things provide a special solace in my heart. I always wanted to make a sketch of a ‘Market Place’ and finally, I can do the same.

The Sketch is yet to open for sale and if anyone is interested in pre-booking, please fill up the contact form or drop an email.


Mainak Majumdar, Painter at https://www.artisticcrayons.com/

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