• Mainak Majumdar

The Painting of the ‘Magical Bird’

This is an Oil Painting of a Magical Bird which I observed when I was travelling inside a forest. The woods were serene and enchanting. The blue illuminated horizon created by the rising Sun and a flash of azure water drew my gaze to a Magical Bird. Mother nature has painted its beauty with this Bird on a twig.

As I write I thought of mentioning a quote from Paul Oxton, “No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure.”

Mother Nature have always fascinated me and I confabulated with my Inner painter mind, if I can capture this Magic through my Oil Painting. As I brushed my imagination into the white Canvas, I could put my artistry through the use of Colours. Understanding Wildlife has always been my passion and through this painting, I thought of producing this moment Infront of all of you.

Let’s Save Wildlife, since they are the Magic of this Planet Earth.

- Mainak Majumdar, Painter at https://www.artisticcrayons.com/

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